Crown Metallic Granite Top 1.25L


Crown Metallic Granite Top 1.25 Litre.

Metallic Emulsion with a shimmering effect for walls to create features and paint effects.

Add an extra dimension to your walls with this glamourous range of metallic paint.

Covers up to 16 m� per litre on average.

If you’re painting new, dry plaster or porous surfaces, seal the surface by adding a coat of paint diluted with up to 40% of clean cold water. If surface to be painted has any ‘sheen’ thoroughly abrade to provide suitable adhesion. Stir your paint thoroughly before use and apply nice and evenly using a brush or roller (a medium pile roller is recommended for smooth surfaces). Don’t apply in really damp or humid conditions or in room temperatures below 10�C. Some colours may require additional coats to give complete coverage.

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