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HG Descaler 500ml


HG Descaler 500ml.

Espresso machine descaler, enjoy your machine much longer.

Do you need to descale an espresso machine? With regular use of our citric-acid based descaler, the coffee continues to taste well, the machine retains its speed, and you extend the life of your espresso or pod-coffee machine!

Manufacturers recommend descaling on the basis of lactic acid or citric acid, HG has both! Our espresso machine descaler based on citric acid is enough for descaling 6 times.

For descaling normal coffee makers, kettles, and washing machines, we recommend HG quick descaler for coffee makers, kettles and washing machines.

How do you use HG descaler for espresso pod-coffee machines
Complete the following steps to use HG descaler for espresso pod-coffee machines.

Pour 75ml of HG descaler for espresso pod-coffee machines into the water reservoir and top it up to 750ml water (10 times diluted). Leave this solution to work for 10 minutes.

Switch the machine on and let half of the espresso machine descaler run through.

Switch the machine off and leave the product to work for 10 minutes and then let the rest of the liquid run through until the reservoir is completely empty.

After treatment, rinse the machine at least 3 times with clean tap water.

For a pod-coffee machine, you can place a holder with a used coffee pod in the machine to capture any scale.

This prevents any blockages in the outflow.

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