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HG Freezer De-Icer 500ml


HG Freezer De-Icer 500ml.

Defrosting the freezer on a regular basis for lower energy consumption
Ice formation greatly increases energy consumption, because the motor has to work harder.

Using the freezer defrost spray HG freezer de-icer on a regular basis reduces ice formation to a minimum, which saves costs due to lower energy consumption.

In addition it also increases the lifespan of the freezer.

To clean the fridge, we advise HG hygienic fridge cleaner.

How do you use HG freezer de-icer? Defrosting the freezer easily and super fast? Follow the steps below to quickly and safely remove ice from a freezer or deepfreeze with this freezer or fridge defrost spray.

Turn the freezer off, unload it and remove as much ice as possible.

Then liberally spry the remaining ice with equal amounts of HG freezer de-icer.

Let the fridge / freezer defroster spray work for 5-10 minutes and remove the rest of the ice. Repeat the treatment with the freezer defroster if necessary.

After removing the ice, dry the inside walls of the freezer.

The freezer can now be turned on and used again.

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