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HG Intensive Plastic Cleaner 500ml


HG Intensive Plastic Cleaner 500ml.

Biodegradable plastic cleaner for all types of plastic.

Our plastic cleaner is a ready-to-use biodegradable spray. It is suitable as a cleaner for plastic window frames, doors, cladding, plexiglass, polycarbonate, cladding such as Trespa�, kitchen cupboards, washable wallpaper, paint and other plastic surfaces.

How do you use HG intensive plastic cleaner? Complete the following steps to have your dirty plastic clean again with HG intensive plastic cleaner

Spray the plexiglass or polycarbonate cleaner on a clean cloth and use it to clean the plastic surface or spray the liquid directly onto the material to be cleaned.

Preferably leave it to work and then wipe it off.

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