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HG Shine Restoring Tile Cleaner 1L


HG Tile Cleaner 1 Liter.

Use HG laminate power cleaner
The powerful laminate floor cleaner from HG is also extremely suitable for removing protective films, such as HG laminate protective coating gloss finish (product 70). 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 10 to 15m2 and diluted for approximately 25 to 50m2.

How do you use HG laminate power cleaner?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG laminate power cleaner.

As a normal powerful laminate cleaner.

Dissolve 1L HG laminate power cleaner in half a bucket (5L) of lukewarm water.

Apply this with a properly wrung-out mop or floor cloth. Rinse it regularly in the solution.

Do not rinse or mop dry, simply leave the floor to dry on its own.

The result is a clean laminate floor!

For removal of HG laminate protective coating gloss finish (HG product 70)

Pour HG laminate power cleaner undiluted into a bucket.

Apply this with a properly wrung-out mop or floor cloth.

Now leave to work for a few minutes before removing the liquid with a clean and properly wrung-out mop.

Now mop once or twice with a well wrung-out mop.

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