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HG Water, Oil and Grease Repellent for Leather 300ml


HG Grease Repell Leather 300ml.

Use leather protector.

HG water, oil, grease dirt repellent for leather is an invisible and impalpable leather protector that protects against, among others, water, food oils, coffee, tea and wine spills.

Due to its powerful action, coffee, tea, oil, grease and wine stains can be simply dabbed off of the surface with absorbent tissue paper.

How do you use HG water, oil, grease dirt repellent for leather?

Make leather water repellent? Follow the steps below for correct use of HG leather protector.

First test the surface for colourfastness in an inconspicuous place. If the colour bleed, do not use the leather protector.

Ensure that the leather to be treated is clean and dry.

Hold the spray can upright when possible and spray HG water, oil, grease dirt repellent onto the leather in even strokes from a distance of approximately 20cm.

After leaving to dry for an hour, the treated leather is ready for use again and protected effectively.

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