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Soudal Expanding Foam Champagne 750ml


Soudal Expanding Foam Champagne 750ml.

This expanding foam from Soudal has been specially designed for filling small gaps and cracks and is suitable for interior and exterior use. It’s easy to store whilst not in use, and expands to 30x can volume/750ml. If you’re using it during redecoration projects, it’s sandable and paintable, making it perfect for giving a smooth, professional finish once dried.

Comes with Hand held nozzle and gloves

– Can be easily sanded, painted and plastered
– Expands up to 30 times original volume
– An ideal solution to fill gaps cracks and holes in stone, wood, brick in most common building materials
– Excellent adhesion on most common building substrates
– Leaving the cap on the can screw the nozzle firmly into the connector on the top of the trigger.

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